Jan Luke - Voice & Piano
Patty Merchant - Guitar
Tom Luke - Guitar

The Volanté Academy Board of Director members are all Arizona residents, interested in the Arts and involved in advancing the Fine Arts primarily for children and youth. They are active in fundraising, grant research, and volunteering to help the Volanté Academy dream continue to develop. All are active in the community and in addition to serving on the board, also volunteer their time, whenever possible to assist in event planning and in plans for the future.

Tom Luke, President - Self-employed business owner, Creative Access; teaches guitar at the academy; assists in fund raising, transporting equipment, public relations, and recording.

Steve Joannes, Vice President - Local Insurance Agent, licensed in Life, Property, and Casualty Insurance; member of Prescott downtown Athletic Club; Local competition in National Racquetball competition; home ministry leader; and former Soccer coach in local schools.

Sheryl Blosel, Secretary - Sheryl and her two sons are piano students at the academy. Sheryl is employed as a computer expert for the Prescott Unified School District. She is very eager to see all of the Fine Arts available after school for the children and youth of the Prescott Quad City area.

Linda Flowers, Business Manager, Photographer - Worked in Printing & Imaging in Prescott for 18 years; involved in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization for children with a "little sister" assigned to her; worked with the AWAMA Program (after-school program for children) and Vacation Bible School (summer program for children) for several years; mother of a very musically talented teenage daughter, studying at Volanté Academy.

Eric Embertson - Expert in sound equipment, Guitar & Piano performance; involved in ministry for several churches in the area. Will be working with recording for our students in the future.

Janice R. Luke - Advisory Member, Founder & Executive Director of Volanté Academy, Hospital Chaplain, Marriage & Family Counselor, Editor for Writers, and English Tutor for Young Children.

Supporting Roles

Other Important, vital people involved in the Volanté Academy programs are:

Linda Flowers - Photographer

Eric Embertson - Sound Engineer

Janice Fritsch - Web Design

Jacque Laliberte - Design Artist

Ethan Wolfinger - Attorney at Law, Statutory Agent